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Learning Innovation & Technology

The UFIT Center for Instructional Technology & Training is always exploring and assisting faculty with implementing new learning technologies and tools. We seek to understand and demonstrate the ways that technology will have an impact on teaching and learning at the University of Florida.

Learning Innovation Technology Services

Have an idea for using technology to transform teaching or learning in your course? We would love to assist you on your journey! Contact us to get a consultation on education technologies, to get assistance with the process of approving new learning tools at the University of Florida, or to explore ways to overcome teaching challenges!

Learn about the Gradescope Pilot

UFIT is currently conducting a pilot of Gradescope through Summer 2023. Gradescope is a feedback and assessment tool that accelerates grading workflows for closed and free-response questions. Learning Innovation Technologies has more information on the Gradescope pilot and how faculty can become involved.

Gradescope Pilot Program

Learning Innovation Technologies

There are many innovations that impact teaching and learning at UF, now or in the future. Below are a few categories of technology that the UFIT Center for Instructional Technology & Training is exploring.

Lumi and H5P

When combined, Lumi and H5P allows users to create interactive content that can be used in Canvas and the web. H5P is a tool for creating rich, interactive, online content. Lumi is an editor for H5P that allows users to export H5P files in HTML formats or SCORM packages.

Sample Projects

Below are a few specific projects built or being developed by the UFIT Center for Technology & Training. Request a consultation if you would like to explore a technology with our assistance!