H5P is a collection of free, open-source, and online activities that can be created and accessed on a browser. The H5P authoring tool allows instructional designers and faculty to create a wide variety of interactive content for the web, including crossword puzzles, flashcards, matching games, branching scenarios, and hotspot selection challenges. In order to create and edit these, activities, however, it had been necessary to have a paid account or to have your own server to run the software. A new tool called Lumi has made it much easier to edit and share these education activities free of charge.


Lumi is a free editor for H5P activities. By using the online/cloud version of Lumi or the open-source, downloadable app, users can create, share, and upload gradable and embeddable versions of the activities to web pages or Canvas! This makes it much easier for faculty and instructional designers to create fun, formative assessments that can be used as knowledge checks for students within a Canvas course.


Here are some of the examples of content that can be created using Lumi and H5P together:

Lumi Presentation

To learn more about using Lumi and H5P at the University of Florida, the following presentation from the November 2022 UFIT Teaching TechXploration discusses Lumi and demonstrates it's use. The presentation and links from the video are also shared below.

Teaching TechXploration 2022 - Creating Interactive Widgets using Lumi (59:49, Mediasite)

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In addition to the video above, there are several resources available to help you get started with Lumi and H5P. As usage of Lumi and H5P grows, our documentation and resources for new users will grow as well!