Instructional Design

Whether you need to develop a full course or program, review and revise an existing course, or flip all or part of your course, CITT is here to help. We provide instructional design assistance for fully online, flipped, hybrid, and traditional face-to-face courses. Services are available to instructors, administrators, and staff at the University of Florida, including graduate students and post-doctoral associates.


  • Recommendations for student engagement and assessment
  • Guidance on accessibility and ADA compliance
  • Suggestions for streamlining course management and efficiency
  • Advice for selecting and implementing learning tools
  • Data collection and analysis for course or program improvement
  • Video and multimedia assistance
  • Project management
  • Consultations for customized services
  • Ideas for utilizing emerging technologies
  • Assistance with integrating educational technologies in your course design

Benefits of Working with an Instructional Designer

Since instructional designers utilize pedagogically sound models and principles, working with an instructional designer can

  • Increase instructor presence and student engagement
  • Ensure accessibility
  • Enhance course organization and usability
  • Improve consistency within a course and across a program
  • Strengthen quality of lectures and other instructor-created material