Course Mapping Camp à la mode

By Allyson Haskell
📅 January 25, 2021
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Course Mapping Camp à la mode

As the pandemic unfolded, faculty, staff, and students at UF pivoted quickly to new modalities for teaching, learning, and working. In response to these changes, CITT paused our popular in-person Course Mapping Camp workshop and adapted it to be delivered online in a flexible synchronous format.  

Instead of teaching in a classroom and making use of post-its, index cards, and markers for our mapping, in December we facilitated the workshop via web conference and walked participants through mapping the goals, objectives, and assessments for their courses using the online tools Jamboard and Microsoft PlannerWe were able to teach the same skills for mapping in a way that allowed instructors to create digital maps that they could share and even collaborate on with others.  

We plan to continue offering this workshop online in 2021 and may incorporate these tools in future face to face workshops as an option for folks who prefer to work digitallyTo attend a future course mapping camp, or to learn more about it, visit our workshop page. 

[Disclaimer: Sadly, there is no ice cream at Course Mapping Camp.] 

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