Easier Grading with Gradescope

By Chris Sharp
đź“… June 27, 2022
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Easier Grading with Gradescope

The University of Florida is running a limited pilot of Gradescope by TurnItIn, a feedback and assessment tool that streamlines grading exams, homework, and other assignments. By reducing the logistical time required to grade, instructors using Gradescope can provide more timely and constructive feedback for students. This post outlines Gradescope features and the opportunities to participate in the pilot.

Grading assignments in Gradescope is easy! Gradescope’s tools make it easier to build rubrics on the fly, grade similar answers simultaneously using AI, and provide consistent feedback no matter how many graders or submissions are involved. Gradescope can reduce the reliance on multiple choice questions by helping instructors efficiently process questions that target higher order thinking skills. Grading free response questions that involve short answers, drawn diagrams, graphs, or other illustrations becomes much easier with Gradescope’s auto-batching and comment banking. All subject areas can benefit from using Gradescope!

This limited pilot is funded by UFIT with partnership from faculty across the institution, in the departments of Computer & Information Sciences & Engineering, Information Systems & Operations Management, Food & Resources Economics, and Animal Sciences. We thank them for their involvement, and we look forward to seeing how Gradescope might streamline the grading of their assessments using Gradescope’s features.

Are you interested trying Gradescope with your class at UF? The current pilot is limited and runs through Summer 2023, but we are seeking interested faculty in case we expand the pilot or widen Gradescope’s use.  You can fill out this form to be notified of any changes to the availability of Gradescope. The feedback and results from the current pilot will determine how UFIT moves forward with funding additional usage of Gradescope. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Gradescope or other tools that can enhance teaching and learning at the University of Florida!

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