Growing Teamwork Skills in Your Class? Pick FeedbackFruits This Spring!

By Margeaux Johnson
📅 January 29, 2024
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Growing Teamwork Skills in Your Class? Pick FeedbackFruits This Spring!

Group work not only elevates student performance but also enhances the overall learning experience. However, ensuring equitable contributions from all group members can be a challenge for educators. Enter FeedbackFruits Group Member Evaluation (GME) – a revolutionary tool designed to empower students and provide instructors with transparent insights into group dynamics. 

Check out our new video (1:15) highlighting the features of FeedbackFruits! 

Imagine a platform where students can give constructive feedback to their peers, fostering a culture of accountability. With FeedbackFruits GME, this vision becomes a reality. This learning tool goes beyond conventional assessment by offering a structured approach to giving meaningful, high-quality feedback. Instructors can measure individual contributions, ensuring a fair assessment of each student's involvement. Best of all, this tool is available directly in Canvas! 

During the fall 2023 semester, FeedbackFruits GME was embraced by over 50 instructors and 3,800 students across 12 colleges. The pilot semester outcomes were favorable with 85% of instructors strongly agreeing that FeedbackFruits was a useful addition to their course and 84% of students reporting satisfaction with the FeedbackFruits learning experience.  

To simplify the onboarding process, CITT developed a UF General Template for Group Member Evaluation. Additionally, five sets of UF recommended rubrics were crafted based on real-life courses and can be accessed as you set up the tool in your course. These resources provide educators with out-of-the-box solutions that can be seamlessly imported into any UF class, offering a time-efficient and effective means of evaluating groups. You can also easily edit the templates to meet your course-specific needs. 

Ready to take your group projects to the next level? Schedule a consultation with the CITT and explore the possibilities that FeedbackFruits GME can bring to your course. Elevate collaboration, empower your students, and gain valuable insights into group dynamics – all with FeedbackFruits. 


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