Instructor Resources to Help Prepare Courses for Fall—Ready, Set, Go!

By Leslie Mojeiko
📅 June 8, 2020
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Instructor Resources to Help Prepare Courses for Fall—Ready, Set, Go!

The fall 2020 semester start date has been pushed to August 31, 2020, giving instructors approximately two months to design courses in formats suitable for safe delivery during the pandemic. I have been impressed with the response from several offices on campus that have offered their support to instructors—from eLearning Support’s (eLS) instructor help and Zoom guides, to Center for Instructional Technology and Training’s (CITT) workshops and consultations, to Center for Teaching Excellence’s (CTE) #NoWallsTeaching movement—even from a distance, we’ve remained connected!

As we prepare for fall 2020, I wanted to share some of my favorite resources that support accelerated course design and delivery:

  • Accelerated UF+QM Rubric
    • The standard UF+QM rubric includes recommendations for quality online course creation and delivery; this accelerated version has been condensed to focus on instruction for fall 2020.
  • Faculty Self-Service Course
    • This institution-wide Canvas site includes modules to help you get started with online teaching, create a course in e-Learning (Canvas), and locate resources for online teaching and learning. One of my favorite resources is the selection of Course Templates because they make it easy for instructors to start with a framework!
  • Flourish to Fall: Two Months Course Design Timeline
    • Flourish to Fall is a resource to help guide instructors through course design milestones over a period of two months. A typical course development timeline is approximately four months, so grab your coffee and go!
  • Keep Teaching: Prepare for Fall
    • Get access to teaching support, workshops, and guides to help you prepare for fall.
  • #NoWallsTeaching
    • CTE’s #NoWallsTeaching movement explores strategies to help extend instruction outside the confines of a traditional classroom.

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