New! Advisor Self-Service Resources for Implementing Flipped Advising

By Leslie Mojeiko
📅 October 5, 2020
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New! Advisor Self-Service Resources for Implementing Flipped Advising

This week I’m presenting with my colleagues Rodney Gammons, Joel Parker, and Deborah Mayhew at the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) about the impact of flipped advising at our institution. Flipped advising is a model similar to the flipped learning course format that leverages the learning management system to deliver asynchronous materials and assessments to enhance the in-person or synchronous session. With increased access to resources and support, students have more opportunities for preparation, reflection, and decision-making. Advisors not only have more avenues for reaching students, but they are able to promote more inclusive and appreciative advising methods into their sessions.

We recognized the impact of flipped advising and wanted to find ways to continue supporting these efforts—both institutionally and nationally. As a result, we’ve launched Advisor Self-Service Resources, an open course with guides and templates designed specifically for advisors wanting to create a flipped advising course. There’s a lot inside, so come on! Let’s explore it together!

Advisor Self-Service Resources Modules:

Getting Started with Flipped Advising

Using a backward design approach, advisors are walked through steps to create advising course goals, student learning outcomes, and aligned assessments. This module includes templates for a flipped advising course architecture, advising syllabus, and an action plan for project management.

Navigating e-Learning

If you’re new to e-Learning, this module will introduce you to resources and trainings that will prepare you to use the learning management system at UF.

Creating Your e-Learning Site

Use downloadable templates from this module to begin the process of creating your flipped advising course.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at I’m always happy to talk about flipped advising! If you’re an advisor or staff member who would like instructional design support for flipped advising, complete a request assistance form for full course development or a consultation. Mention flipped advising in the comments!

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