Not sure where to begin? There’s a template for that.

By Ariel Gunn
📅 August 17, 2020
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Not sure where to begin? There’s a template for that.

Whether you’re new to Canvas or an expert user, setting up a learner-centered course from scratch can be a little daunting! CITT provides Canvas course templates that faculty can use as a starting point to set them—and their students—up for success.

With the fall semester just a few weeks away, you’ve likely got most of your course content either in process or ready to go. But what about a module that welcomes students to the course and provides helpful resources and policies that they can review as needed?

CITT’s Start Here template provides suggestions for creating a module that introduces students to the course; helps them understand how to get started; and provides a variety of academic, student services, and technical support resources. Additionally, the Start Here template was designed to help you meet many of the UF+QM standards (in particular, the Course Overview & Introduction and Learner Support) as well as the Accelerated UF+QM Standards provided by the Center for Teaching Excellence.

If you’re worried that your course will seem too cookie cutter, remember that these pages are completely editable. You can adjust text, add or remove categories, or add or unpublish a page to best meet your students’ needs.

Ready to try out the template? Please visit our Course Template page for directions to help you access, import, and begin customizing the template to meet your needs.

Tags: Student Success, Course Design, CTE