Revitalizing Courses with the CITT Revision Process

By Stephen Carter
πŸ“… April 5, 2021
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Revitalizing Courses with the CITT Revision Process

Is your online course in need of revisions? At some point in time, your virtual learning environment is going to require a makeover. Perhaps content or technology has changed significantly, maybe there are more up-to-date materials that can be incorporated, or you may have inherited a course that you did not design yourself and would like to better reflect your teaching style. Fortunately, course revisions are one of the many services that instructional designers at the Center for Instructional Technology and Training provide.

Whether it is a full makeover or a focus on certain aspects, we’re here to help make the necessary revisions to help your course meet your expectations. Do you want to make changes but are unsure of where to start? No problem! Once you are paired with an instructional designer, you can request they review your current course and suggest revisions to make. We use the UF+QM Rubric developed by the Center for Teaching Excellence to review our courses and make suggestions for improvements. While these are not official UF+QM reviews, they will help to upgrade your online course and prepare you to submit your course for an official review.

Some of the more commonly updated course components include aligning objectives with materials, revising or incorporating brief lecture videos, updating course readings, enhancing course graphics, and/or improving accessibility of course materials. Your course revision might include all of these elements and more, or might only include a select few. No matter how seemingly small or significant the changes are, we are happy to assist you through the revision process to help your vision for your updated course come to fruition.

While the focus of this post has been on revisions for online courses, we can also assist with revising different types of face-to-face courses as well – HyFlex, hybrid, flipped, or even 100% in-person. Take advantage of the CITT course revision service today by selecting Request Assistance on our homepage and select the Course Revisions & Updates option. Fill out and submit the form, and someone from CITT will be in touch with you about the next steps. 

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