Selecting Assessments That Work for Your Course

By Allyson Haskell
📅 November 16, 2020
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Selecting Assessments That Work for Your Course

In Summer 2020, CITT was tasked by the eLearning Advisory Committee to create a resource faculty could use when creating or adapting assessments to be taught in an online, hybrid, or hyflex format. Because so many faculty across the institution are moving their course materials online, many for the first time, we wanted to create a resource that could guide them through the process and showcase examples from other UF faculty. 

The result is our new Selecting Assessments Types page, which includes a step-by-step process instructors can follow to ensure that the assessments they use in their courses will align well with and measure the learning they want to see from their students. The page also includes new Assessment Quick Start Guides (under Step 3) which provide a one-page overview of a type of assessment, along with strategies for larger enrollment courses, and an example from a faculty member at UF who has implemented this assessment in their course.  

If you would like assistance adopting any of these strategies to your course, request assistance from an instructional designer. 

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