Site-Specific Video Services Available!

By Steven Zill
đź“… February 21, 2022
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Site-Specific Video Services Available!

On-location video is a powerful tool that helps immerse your students into any subject. Whether you’re teaching remotely or in person, effective video content is invaluable for enhancing classroom engagement. 

Video Types

When considering what type of video to make, there are a lot of options. Here are a few ideas to start:

  • Video lectures in a location bring learners to environments that they may not have a chance to visit, with footage showing details and characteristics of the space. This acts as a primer so that learners recognize their surroundings quickly in person.
  • On-site interview videos with subject matter or local industry experts who share their experiences and knowledge as professionals. Have a look at this College of Nursing example (03:56).

  • Training videos, especially for practices using equipment that can’t be transported into the studio or are hazardous, are ideal uses for this medium. 


Here are four tips to maximize learning through videos, whether in the field or studio:

  • Try to keep the duration under 5 minutes and chunk content instead of making one long video.
  • Show digestible amounts of information to reduce the viewer’s cognitive load.
  • Use conversational language.
  • Be enthusiastic by using gestures, inflection, and showing interest in the topic.

By investing in an on-location video, you create an easily shareable asset that is reusable across many iterations of your course. If you would like to talk about how field video production can benefit your course or department, please reach out to UFIT’s Field Videographer, Steve Zill.

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