SPSS Statistics and Sample Power for your Statistical Needs

By Jose Silva-Lugo
📅 August 10, 2020
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SPSS Statistics and Sample Power for your Statistical Needs

Are you in need of statistical help? SPSS Statistics is a comprehensive application for analyzing data that can be used for the Social and the Natural Sciences. SPSS is easy and makes statistical analysis more accessible for the beginner and more convenient for the experienced user. Learn how to import files, display reports with tables and charts, plot distributions and trends, perform data cleaning/preparation, and carry out basic/advanced statistical analyses. Simple menus and dialog box selections make it possible to perform complex analyses without typing a single line of code. Sample Power is a robust software to estimate the needed sample size for your study. Some departments require the power analysis of the statistical test for your proposal approval.

UFIT Training offers a 100% online self-paced SPSS and Sample Power course that teaches you to clean/prepare your data, conduct exploratory data analysis, make the decision about the correct statistical analysis, conduct the analysis, and interpret the results. You will understand why you must use a specific statistical analysis according to your data set. The statistical analyses and their respective power analysis are organized into seven modules. These modules summarize the most important analyses included in two graduate courses in the Statistics Department: STA 6126 and STA 6127.  However, they are a refresher and not a substitute for any of these courses. This course offers a tutorial (278 pages), 27 high quality videos, PowerPoint presentations, references to online materials, and real data sets. The course contains activities to measure your acquired knowledge and skills. You will receive the support and help from the instructor and classmates because the course encourages collaboration through a discussion forum.

The course is free, and it has been designed for faculty, staff, TAs, and graduate students. If you do not enjoy typing codes, SPSS and Sample Power are the right choice. They will help you to move on in your coursework, thesis, dissertation, and research.

Tiffany Fisher, a doctoral candidate in Special Education, School of Psychology & Early Childhood Studies, said: “This course has given me deeper knowledge of data preparation and analysis in addition to the ample skill practice in SPSS so that I am now ready to analyze my own dissertation data. Dr. Silva-Lugo’s excitement about this content is contagious and his support is exceptional – just be prepared to work hard and get out what you put in.”

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