Welcome to the New CITT Website!

By Leslie Mojeiko
📅 April 13, 2020
🕑 Read time: 5 minute(s)
Welcome to the New CITT Website!

We’re excited to introduce you to our new website that represents all four services offered by the Center for Instructional Technology and Training: Academic Media Production, Instructional Design, Training, and Web & Graphic Services. To learn more about the services and staff, explore the About section.

Here are five new features we want you to know about:

1. Resources
We’ve curated and written resources that will help support teaching and learning. In this section, you’ll find pages that highlight examples, application, and best practices in a variety of topics, such as Assessing Student Learning, Course Design Basics, The Learning Process, and Student Engagement.

2. Calendar & Workshops
Our new calendar is located on our homepage and features upcoming workshops and educational opportunities. Each entry includes an overview and instructions on how to register or apply.

3. Kudos
To highlight the benefits and past experiences of former clients, we’ve added snippets of feedback we’ve received over the years. These focus on the opportunities provided in the workshops and the application of course design principles.

4. Showcase
Our new Showcase is housed in eLearning, which allows you to navigate through content, assessment, and presentation examples in the learning management system. Reference these examples for inspiration on new ways to engage your students.

5. Bulletin
You’ve already found our awesome new Bulletin that focuses on our upcoming events and workshops, educational contributions, and emerging technologies. Check back monthly for exciting updates and to learn more!

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