Heather Maness, MS, PhD

Assistant Director, Learning Analytics and Assessment

Dr. Maness is a triple Gator grad with a Ph.D. in Agricultural Education and Communication, minoring in Higher Education Administration. She has worked at UF in various capacities for over 15 years, starting at the College of Veterinary Medicine. As an instructional designer with CITT, she partnered with subject matter experts to develop award-winning courses, adopt the latest in educational technology, and implement evidence-based best practices in equitable pedagogy. She is committed to fostering an inclusive work environment and leading her team through the exciting transition of providing new services to meet the ever-evolving needs of the university community. She is an advocate of authentic assessment practices and has a passion for leveraging technology, especially learning analytics, to solve education challenges that improve student success. Her research focuses on learning analytics and stakeholder (e.g., student, instructor, employer) evaluation of curricula elements for continuous quality improvement.