The Best Practices for Teaching Online certificate of completion provides participants the opportunity to explore pedagogically sound course design principles that promote student success in the online learning environment. This series will address the needs of diverse learners through student-centered activities, while also focusing on key issues such as accessibility, usability, and engagement.


This certificate of completion is a series of three online workshops. Each workshop is offered over a two-week period and participants can complete assignments at their own pace. It is anticipated that each workshop takes approximately 8-10 hours to complete with an emphasis on building content and assessments that can be utilized in your courses. Participants earn a badge for each offering and a certificate of completion for completing all three.


Engaging Online Learners

Engaging Online Learners uses research-supported studies to examine and model best practice in online course design. Participants will experience the online learning environment from the student perspective while working through activities intended to demonstrate mastery of a variety of topics including designing for student success, aligning student learning objectives, and creating engaging and accessible presentations.

Topics included in this offering:

  • Online Learning Environment
  • Maintaining Academic Rigor
  • Creating Measurable Student Learning Objectives
  • Aligning Assessments to Student Learning Objectives
  • Creating Engaging and Accessible Lectures

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Creating Student-Centered Assignments

Participants will explore ways to develop varied student-centered content while establishing a collaborative learning environment through the use of active learning and feedback.

Topics included in this offering:

  • The Learner
  • Design to Collaborate
  • Active Learning
  • Interactive Learning
  • Formative Assessments

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Accessible Online Environments

This workshop lasts two weeks and provides instruction on how to design online courses with accessibility in mind. The course covers different types of accessibility needs and suggestions for making an online course more accessible. After completing the offering, participants will have a full understanding of how to improve online accessibility for all students.

Topics included in this offering:

  • Why is Accessibility Important?
  • Accessibility Basics
  • eLearning
  • Word Documents
  • PowerPoint
  • PDF Accessibility
  • Video
  • How to Get Help at UF
  • UF Resources

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