The next step upon completing an analysis and design for a course is to begin developing course materials. The pages in this section provide guidance on how to approach developing and implementing a course that will be rigorous, will challenge students, and will align course materials with stated learning goals and objectives.

  • Ensuring Accessibility: Learn to design course materials for all students.
  • Providing Course Content: Locate, select, and develop accessible course content of an appropriate level that is well aligned to stated student learning objectives.
  • Creating Assessments: Build assessments to measure students’ mastery of student learning objectives.
  • Considering Student Workload: Ensure rigor and view examples of equivalent workloads for online, hybrid, and in-person courses.

For More Information

CITT Instructional Development

CITT Showcases

  • Assignments: View examples of authentic assessments, rubrics, problem-based learning activities, and scaffolded assessments.

Request Assistance

For personal assistance in developing and implementing course content, you may request assistance from the Center for Instructional Technology and Training.