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Preparing for the Semester

  • Visit your assigned classrooms, or similar rooms, to familiarize yourself with the technology and to practice a lecture. Consider inviting other faculty members to a Zoom meeting so that they can see your class from the perspective of a student.
  • Make a plan for modifying your activities and assessments for classes with online and in-person students.

Before Class

  • Share materials such as slides, note shells, or other handouts on Canvas or in a cloud collaboration folder so that remote students have access to them.
  • Arrive to the classroom early to turn on the projectors, TVs, lights, and camera and to set up any software you will use.
  • Start the Zoom session at least 5 minutes before class. After the first few students connect, make sure they can see and hear you. 
  • Use the touchscreen to orient the camera so that remote learners can see you or the whiteboard as needed.
  • Consider assigning a student or TA to monitor Zoom for “raised hands”, other non-verbal feedback, and for any questions or contributions that are sent by chat.

Starting Class

  • Use the “Share Screen” button to share the content that is on the annotation monitor. Put all course content that you want to share on that monitor.
  • Remind all participants that you will be recording if you will be doing so.
  • Acknowledge and welcome your in-person and remote students, reviewing resources or links they should access during the class if relevant.

During Class

  • As needed, adjust the camera to face the focal point of attention (you, the whiteboard, a demonstration, etc.). Conducting a lecture using the annotation monitor will minimize the amount of camera adjustments that will be needed.
  • Use frequent breakpoints or check-ins to provide opportunities for remote students to ask questions. Check in with volunteers (if any) that are monitoring Zoom.
  • Alternate between in-person students and remote students when soliciting input.
  • Before ending the Zoom session, check to see if any Zoom students want to stay after class to ask any questions. If so, disable recording.
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