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About HyFlex

Hybrid-Flexible Course Design by Brian J. Beatty - Implementing student-directed hybrid classes.

7 Things you Should Know about the HyFlex Course Model by Natalie Milman, Valerie Irvine, Kevin Kelly, Jack Miller, and Kem Saichaie | Educause Learning Initiative

Active Learning through HyFlex

Active Learning for Online Teaching by The Center for Teaching Excellence | Texas A&M University

Active Learning while Physical Distancing by Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, LSU LTC, POD Network | Louisiana State University

Can Active Learning Co-Exist with Physically Distanced Classrooms? by Doug Lederman | Inside Higher Ed

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Further Resources and Reading

Are Colleges Ready for a Different Kind of Teaching This Fall? by Beth McMurtrie | The Chronicle of Higher Education

Can HyFlex Options Support Students in the Midst of Uncertainty? by Brian J. Beatty | Transforming Higher Ed

COVID-19 Planning for Fall 2020: A Closer Look at Hybrid-Flexible Course Design by Kevin Kelly | PhilonEdTech

Fall Scenario #13: A HyFlex Model by Edward J. Maloney and Joshua Kim | Inside Higher Ed

Student Choice, Instructor Flexibility: Moving Beyond the Blended Instructional Model by Jackie B. Miller, Mark D. Risser, and Robert P. Griffiths | The Ohio State University

The HyFlex Option for Instruction if Campuses Open This Fall by Doug Lederman | Inside Higher Ed

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